What is Nesta Rot ?

Abstractly it is in the middle of the venn diagram of ugly and beauty, of smooth and rough and analogue and digital.

Concretely it is the moniker of Taygan Gardiner-Souza, 21 year old Massachusetts native. Described by Boston Hassle as “weird ass kid NESTA ROT […] from Fall River or someshit with his off-brand hip hop and noise pop.”

Tease of an upcoming song “Burnt Brioche w/ Strawberry (Jam in Bm)”

From a young age Taygan began writing poetry and learning guitar. Through his teenage years he experimented with both guitar-based rock music as well as digitally-programmed hip-hop. With few and far collaborations, Nesta Rot’s music is primarily crafted 100% by Taygan; from writing lyrics to constructing chords and producing melodies to recording and mixing as well as providing visuals with artwork and self-made videos.

“Always Sad Mayne”

Though recently Nesta Rot has been adding more guitar and sung vocals to his music, this style has been widely overshadowed with his sample-based, self claimed “cyber-punk-glitch-hop-eclectic-esoteric” concoctions. That may seem like a jumbled mess of random words, but truthfully that’s the best way to describe these avant garde musical pieces.

Snagged from a post from Providence’s as220:
“Sonically speaking, Nesta Rot’s sound ranges from bass heavy, glitched out synths with aggressive rapping that make one want to rip their clothes off and start moshing, to more mellow, psychedelic and indie-rock-esque tunes that make that same individual relax and question why they ripped their clothes off oh so aggressively.”

From a production standpoint, Nesta Rot often implements warbling synths and loop-based snappy drums that could serve as a soundtrack to a dystopic robbery that involves unnecessary violence. When self-programmed synths are not readily available, samples from various decades of media get flipped to sound like those scary devil messages one would hear when playing rock records in reverse.

Written by Matai of Mass Hip Hop:
” You’ll never know what’s possible until you extend your boundaries. And that’s exactly what local artist, Nesta Rot, did with his experimental style of hip hop music. Open your minds and prepare yourself for raucous vocals layered over dark, smooth, glitch synths and lo-fi drum sequences.”

However, this is not to say that all of Nesta Rot’s catalog caters to angry people who don’t say thank you to people who held the door open for them. There are also soft songs for those who held the door for people yet received no thanks. While his discography is primarily aggressive and angry, there are plenty of moody, weird ballads with pop elements sprinkled between otherwise nuclear charged power anthems.

“she&i / get da fak out”

When Nesta Rot implements guitar and keys into his music, there is often twangy tones of 7th and 9th chords with a diminished chord snuck in here and there to assure a dissonant quality almost always present.

When it comes to lyrical content and vocal performance Nesta Rot strays from the beaten path, giving attention to overgrown, hard to navigate territories.

Nesta often squeezes as much syllables per bar as possible, leaving little to waste as his rhyme schemes are heavily assonance based. These word-saladesque rhymes are often rapped aggressively with layers of low, spoken-word monotony and the occasional high-pitched singing mixed in.

Lyrical excerpt from “BOTHERED”

Proper language syntax is out the window in these writings, as many words will be switched around from their proper formats and often using different tenses or forms of words such as “me” instead of “i”, “am” rather “is” and “are” instead of “were”, just to name a few examples. This leads to lyrics being read almost illiterately, though it makes for interesting flows and phrases.

Lyrical content is often flow-of-conscious where one word leads to another which references to a third that may have nothing to do with the original word. Content may range from common themes of romance, drugs, violence and hardships to less discussed topics such as references to obscure media references, self-imposed ideologies and exploration of the natural world.